Monday, October 20, 2014

Horror Telephone is Finished!

Horror Telephone has now been finished.

Download it Here: Low-Quality or High-Quality

Horror Telephone is a project born of many of the same people as Sci-Fi Telephone. The literary telephone games we play look like this:

1. Someone gives a story a title.
2. Someone draws title art based only on that title.
3. Someone else writes a story based only on that title art.
4. Someone else reads that story and gives it a title.
5. Repeat steps 2-4 as desired, ending with step 3 when sastisfied.

Due to some administrative bumbling (my apologies) horror telephone ended later than planned and a little short, but we still got three fine stories with remarkably fitting titles and artwork out of it. I hope you enjoy this experiment. If you like it, feel free to seek out Sci-Fi Telephone here.

We'll be feeling out where to go from here as far as the next project; whether it will be Telephone or a different lit-game, and what its theme will be, I don't know. If you want to be involved, there's a sign up sheet on the blog.

I want to offer special thanks to all who contributed to the project, as well as everyone who signed up who was unable to contribute for any reason. Your support in this endeavor has been awesome.

The Horror Telephone rings for you. Tell your friends.

- D.J. Lower, Ed.

Stories Featured in Horror Telephone

The Monster Hiding in My Closet

Writing by B. Alex Pope
Artwork by Dr. Missile
Title from D.J. Lower

The Sleeper

Writing by M. Veiga
Artwork by G. Peet
Title from Jon Taylor

Inglorious Purpose

Writing by L. Wyatt
Artwork by John-Frederick Pope
Title from D. Morrison