Thursday, October 17, 2013

Testing, Testing

This will be a blog to host Sci-Fi Telephone and its related projects. One of the authors, CJA, suggested Tele-Literary and I thought that was a pretty cool name.

Sci-Fi Telephone is a project I got together to get people collaborating in a telephone-like way on a series of stories. It works this way:

1) Someone (in this instance me) provides a starting title.
2) Someone draws art based on that title.
3) Someone writes a story based only on the artwork.
4) Someone reads the story and gives it a title.
5) Repeat steps 2-4.

The first project, Sci-Fi Telephone, will be up soon. There's one more story to get done yet, then maybe a day or two to get stuff up! While I did get the ball rolling on this, it's hardly my project alone. Mad props to all of those of you who have been involved in this thing. You made it happen. We're looking at various formats to get the stuff out there; it'll be blogged, but I'm also wanting to have it all collected in PDF format for those who desire it. CJA's going to be looking at maybe doing a printable file as well, so this thing can be shared physically.

So stay tuned. Sci-Fi Telephone begins publishing soon. Tell your friends. If you're interested in writing, drawing or reading for one of our projects in the future, or know someone who would, please feel free to let us know here (see the nifty side-bar) or elsewhere. If you like what this is about, please consider following Tele-Litarary on Blogger or in your neighborhood feed-reader so you don't miss anything!

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